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Unlocking Africa’s
Agricultural Potential to
Create Wealth.

Africa's first Blockchain as a Service food distribution platform

About Us

Tembekasua is Africa’s first decentralized marketplace that drives Agribusiness, supply chain and logistics through an ecosystem that promotes marginalized small holder farmers.

Tembekasua is revolutionizing food distribution through the power of technology, trust and community.

Our Platform drives inclusion, reduces barriers to entry and operations and powers revenue growth for all stakeholders involved-agri-retailers, smallholder farmers and large food businesses.


Our value proposition is to enable smallholder farmers to scale beyond their local economy for developing regions such as Africa, through a social impact ecosystem that includes the world’s first blockchain integrated multi-vendor farmers marketplace, NFT factory and Metaverse. In addition, contributing towards the sustainable development goals that includes poverty alleviation for people and communities we are engaged with.

Our Platform drives inclusion, reduces barriers to entry and operations in the supplychain value chain and powers revenue growth for all stakeholders involved-agri-retailers, smallholder farmers and large food businesses.

The Opportunities


Opportunity by numbers

Today some 54 percent of Africa's working force relies on the agricultural sector for livelihoods, income and employment, especially in family farming. Africa’s agricultural market size is estimated to be worth more than a trillion dollars by 2030. Sadly challenges such as low literacy level among farmers, lack of infrastructure and technology, lack of data, credit and access to market threaten the lives of smallholder farmers.


Emerging Technology

Technology is the surest bet to bridge the inequalities in the agricultural ecosystem in Africa. We at Tembekasua understand that building a transparent supply chain and verifiable data on smallholder farmers to give them a digital identity will unlock limitless opportunities for them. From the perspective of farmers/vendors, tembekasua provides a tailor- made decentralized marketplace that will save considerable marketing expenses for farmers and product sellers.


Lack of Data

Agriculture in Africa is largely practiced by ‘guess-work’ technology, meaning it is not data-driven. Our solution explores the interplay between data, technology and trade and analysis such as electronic transferable records, automated contracts, digital tokens, the interoperability of data models, and the digital identity of farmers. Tembekasua combines the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to shape agric trade in Africa.

is the game changer


We are Africa’s first inclusive blockchain integrated online marketplace for smallholder farmers. Come and help us build a decentralized marketplace to connect smallholder farmers to a smart market across the globe.

Our advantages

Easy to use Platform
High Security
First and


Futuristic Marketplace

Have your products showcased on our marketplace that leverages emerging technologies that will bring a range of options to customers.

Earn Rewards

Earn Tembekasua Green Coin as a reward when you achieve preset milestones. We want to incentivize you to display exceptional customer service.

Payment Options

You have the option to request your payout in either cryptocurrency or FIAT. With crypto, you get to make a higher profit on your products.

Manage Your Orders

Manage your orders at maximum ease and help customers to have a better shopping experience.


We have an amazing customer service oriented team available to support you.

Secure Platform

Our platform offers an additional layer of security by providing two-factor authentication.

Customize Profile

Customize your profile with information like your logo, location, social media handles, taxes and refund policies.

The Farmers Blog

The marketplace features a blog where you can be featured which will allow your business to stand out from the competition.

The Ecosystem

Number of Participants Group on the Tembekasua;

All entities would be tied up with smart contracts on the blockchain that can pre-decide ideas and commitments which can create trust among all parties involved in.

Meet Our Team

Engr. Kelvin Tersoo Jiraji


Julius Kaigama


Joseph Gbagyo


Orvande Aondohemba

Head of Communications

Abubakar Saleh

Digital Identity Manager

Abdullahi adamu

Tech Assistant

Meet Our Advisors

Eric Kaigama


Dr. Salisu Uba

Supplychain Management

Raj Kapoor



Global Trader